Warrior Weekend 9

Austin Woods and Waters Members, Kevin McConnell, Mike Curran, Dave Repkia and Jim Baylor were 2 of 450 boats that participated in Warrior Weekend #9 in Port Oconner Texas.  900 Soldiers were brought in from around the country to go fishing for the day.

Pictures Here


On Sunday Morning Dave and Mike cashed in their service points.

Dave caught his personal best trout of 28.5".  And that was after all those boats were out on Sat.

Mike caught a 25" trout.

On Friday before the event, Kevin caught a limit of red fish in the same spot Dave caught his trout.


Fayett Bass Fishing April 29, 2015

Fished with Greg Marberry and Doug Mierl.  Put 31 in the boat with many more strikes and tail dancers / spits.   Some pics of a few of the fish.  25 years ago I fished Fayett and caught 21  on a purple lizard using a 4 piece spinning/fly rod.  I have never been able to recreate that day until this trip.  Using the same bait and rod, I caught them in the same spot using the same combination. 

Feb 2015 Port Mansfield Trip

David Burns came in from Raleigh to fish with Terry Hull, Mike Curran and and I in Port Mansfield.  Our 1st day was a bit slow, but the weather was nice and we did catch enough for dinner.  On Sunday we did better with a limit of Red Fish and 10 trout just before the super bowl and the cold front that was due to hit by the end of the game.  I made the wrong decision to leave the boat in the water and the 40mph winds pulled a cleat off the dock, but our triple redundant lines kept the boat off the dock.   We did sleep in and I even took a conference call from 8-9am.  About 9:30 we headed north to the land cut in 25mph winds.  An hour later we arrived to muddy water in our 1st spot and nothing on our test wade.   Oh, and the guide we had for Monday cancelled due to the weather.    Our 1st official wade was unbelievable.  We had our limit of reds in an hour.  See group picture.    Our 2nd wade put icing on the cake with a limit of 20 trout and 3 over 25".  It was the best day MOO2 has had and will be very hard to top.    Day 4 we caught zero with a 20mph north wind and rain and long drive back home.  

Tight Lines... Kevin

Link to Pictures

CCA Inter chapter Challange

June 14, 2014 - 10 of us from the Austin CCA Chapter competed in the annual tournament between the other Texas CCA boards.   We came in 4th place just missing 3rd by .2 lb.   We had a 27" red fish, 1 21" trout and 2 20" trout.   We stayed in Port Aransas and drove down and launched at Bird Island and fished just north of Baffin bay.    I put some picture here

Little Webberville Park to Webberville Park Kayak Trip

On 4/19 Dori and took the Kayaks for this 5 mile float.  Took us about 4 hours to do.  I took fly rods but nothing was hungry.  I did see many Gar and a couple bass.  We floated along with a guide in a raft that did not catch anything either.   He said when it was warm the 2 weeks prior, they were catching 50 + bass a float along the deep sides under the trees in the shade.   The bass are feeding on frogs and small turtles.   He was throwing large green poppers.  Like these

He said the water needs to be in the mid 60s to get them active.   Water was 60. 


Good half day trip, 30 minutes from the house.  We took car and truck for shuttle vehicle, but there is a shuttle service there.

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