Little Webberville Park to Webberville Park Kayak Trip

On 4/19 Dori and took the Kayaks for this 5 mile float.  Took us about 4 hours to do.  I took fly rods but nothing was hungry.  I did see many Gar and a couple bass.  We floated along with a guide in a raft that did not catch anything either.   He said when it was warm the 2 weeks prior, they were catching 50 + bass a float along the deep sides under the trees in the shade.   The bass are feeding on frogs and small turtles.   He was throwing large green poppers.  Like these

He said the water needs to be in the mid 60s to get them active.   Water was 60. 


Good half day trip, 30 minutes from the house.  We took car and truck for shuttle vehicle, but there is a shuttle service there.