Feb 2015 Port Mansfield Trip

David Burns came in from Raleigh to fish with Terry Hull, Mike Curran and and I in Port Mansfield.  Our 1st day was a bit slow, but the weather was nice and we did catch enough for dinner.  On Sunday we did better with a limit of Red Fish and 10 trout just before the super bowl and the cold front that was due to hit by the end of the game.  I made the wrong decision to leave the boat in the water and the 40mph winds pulled a cleat off the dock, but our triple redundant lines kept the boat off the dock.   We did sleep in and I even took a conference call from 8-9am.  About 9:30 we headed north to the land cut in 25mph winds.  An hour later we arrived to muddy water in our 1st spot and nothing on our test wade.   Oh, and the guide we had for Monday cancelled due to the weather.    Our 1st official wade was unbelievable.  We had our limit of reds in an hour.  See group picture.    Our 2nd wade put icing on the cake with a limit of 20 trout and 3 over 25".  It was the best day MOO2 has had and will be very hard to top.    Day 4 we caught zero with a 20mph north wind and rain and long drive back home.  

Tight Lines... Kevin

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