Austin Mobile First Studio Construction Pictures

Jan 6, 2015 - Walls are up, monitors being installed this week.  Click the picture below to see all construction pictures

Dec 8, 2014 - Floor is in.  Carpet has arrived.  More pictures added

Oct 30, 2014 Update - We are 3 weeks into construction - added some more pictures below on progress

As of Sept 25, 2014 we are done with the demolition phase

click picture to see more

click picture to see more

Observation on Secure Workspace for BlackBerry

Reading this article on BlackBerry's Smartphone Sales are set to soar, I came across an interesting observation on popularity of the MDM clients from the Google Play Store.

The BlackBerry Secure workspace client is estimated to have 5-10 million installs with a 4.0 review rating.   That is 5 to 10 times the number of installs of the competition and highest customer satisfaction rating. 


IBM MobileFirst Services Overview Videos

Want a quick overview and understanding of the MobileFirst Services that my organization offers?   Check out our latest videos 

MobileFirst Services Overview


Infrastructure Consulting Services

Managed Mobility Services

Virtualization Services

Network Services

Collaboration Services

Device Procurement and Deployment Services

Application Platform Services -




IBM Austin Mobile First Studios June Update

On April 29, 2014 IBM announced IBM MobileFirst Studios and I am leading the studio in Austin Texas.  We just completed our concept phase and budget approvals this past week.  We will be working on our detailed design with our Architecture and Audio Video firm over the next couple weeks.   We hope to start demolition and construction in July/August with move in Nov/Dec.  Will be posting updates and we get closer.  Let me know if you're interested in learning more about the studio. 

Positive numbers for a change for BlackBerry

BlackBerry reported earnings today and most all of the trade press reported positive news and agree that John Chen has them on a course back to a positive view from the market place.  Cash on hand increased from 2.7 Billion to 3.1 billion primarily from real estate sales and slight increase in device sales.

At the stock holders meetings that followed the earnings report, John Chen showed off the BlackBerry Classic (old style 9900)  and the new BlackBerry Passport (size of a passport).  Both of these have keyboards for those that are still tied to and using.  Nothing on a follow on to the Z10 or my favorite device the Z30. 

Some pictures here in this post


100 Meg Internet Connection & slow VPN Speed Issue

A couple weeks ago Time Warner sent me an email that they were offering a free upgrade to my Turbo Internet service which was 10 meg down / 2 meg up.   The new speed is up to 100 Meg down / 10 meg up.

I got the new cable box which was an Arris DG1670A Docsis 3.0 Gateway.

I connected it up and shipped back the old cable box to Time Warner.

The Arris is a combo cable box and router with built in Wifi and 4 Ethernet connections.   I tried to configure it so that my Netgear nighthawk router would stay the same, but no luck.  Called Time Warner and the tech configured my Arris to just be a GATEWAY instead of a router and all is working. 

Speed tests are variable, but using the speed test from timewarner I have been able to see over 100 meg  down and 11 meg up  when connected to server 01 - Austin Texas.  Server 02 and Server 03 have been slower. - 3 down, 4 up  - 14 meg down, 10 up - 71 meg down, 10 up

I set this up on Friday and on Monday, IBM's standard software installer pushed an update to my machine that was taking forever to complete.   It actually failed 2 times and on the 3 time, I watched it closer and did a full upgrade of the software, but it took over 7 hours to finish.   I went and did a test with Free Download Manager and downloaded a 20 meg file off of our file storage system.   Data was only coming down at 20-30k.  I might as well go back to a phone line modem...

These were things I tried to resolve this issue:

1) I was using the AT&T network client 8.2 (I think it was) and saw some posts in the forum of similar issues so I upgraded to the V9.5.0.3001 client and reran the test.  No luck

2) I tried changing the MTU size on the AT&T Net client.  No Luck

3) I tried using the optimizer tool on .   No Luck

4) I tried changing the default network setting to Both the Internet and my company's internet with Managed VPN - IPSec.  No Luck

5) I tried changing the default network setting to Both the Internet and my company's internet with Managed VPN - SSL DualAccess.  Bingo - 400-800k down

Now, I don't have anything documented of VPN speed before I put the new gateway box in place, but I know I was not experiencing 20-30k connections.   

Hope this helps someone down the road....





March/April Home Tech Upgrade

Looks like I am on that 10 year everything breaks cycle in the house.  The main TV died again 4 months after I paid $350 to put a new color wheel in the old Samsung TV.   I Ended up getting a new Samsung 60" at Costco and a new Yamaha receiver at Frys Electronics. (They actually had one on the floor that was on my potential list).   I had to get a new receiver, as the old one was all component technology and everything has gone to HDMI.  

A couple weeks before, I upgraded the home network to 802.11AC and added another NAS drive for the family to backup their machines on.

I put together this graphic of the setup.

Rice anyone?

This past Friday I went out to my friends lake house to help him work on his dock and a little fishing.  I launched the boat by myself and drove it around to the dock.   I stepped onto the dock holding onto the line connected to the boat.  At the same time, a gust of wind hit the boat causing me to loose my balance and I fell into the lake.   After climbing up on the dock and securing the boat, I realized I had my BlackBerry, iPhone and wallet on me.  Both were in otter box hard cases but that does not make them waterproof.  I tried the rice trick and it brought the iPhone back to life for a last breath, but the only thing still working are my credit cards.  So I was able to put gas in the truck to get home.    Something to consider as we work to merge our wallets into our smartphones and wearable computers.   Maybe all devices need this treatment -      Not sure I will do on a device I own today with no guarantee.   I wonder if the new Samsung s5 would have survived.   Supposed to be to be good to 3ft of water.

note to self:   Place smartphone in dry bag or waterproof case before launching boat.