Rice anyone?

This past Friday I went out to my friends lake house to help him work on his dock and a little fishing.  I launched the boat by myself and drove it around to the dock.   I stepped onto the dock holding onto the line connected to the boat.  At the same time, a gust of wind hit the boat causing me to loose my balance and I fell into the lake.   After climbing up on the dock and securing the boat, I realized I had my BlackBerry, iPhone and wallet on me.  Both were in otter box hard cases but that does not make them waterproof.  I tried the rice trick and it brought the iPhone back to life for a last breath, but the only thing still working are my credit cards.  So I was able to put gas in the truck to get home.    Something to consider as we work to merge our wallets into our smartphones and wearable computers.   Maybe all devices need this treatment - http://www.liquipel.com.      Not sure I will do on a device I own today with no guarantee.   I wonder if the new Samsung s5 would have survived.   Supposed to be to be good to 3ft of water.

note to self:   Place smartphone in dry bag or waterproof case before launching boat.